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A complete line of products for access control

Welcome to the number 1 company in the industry of electronic access control security! We are distributors of VANDERBILT INDUSTRIES products.

Parking Access & Security Systems Integration

We are committed to the highest quality and reliability of our products for your security requirements in your business.

A wide range of accessories and therefore solutions to your security needs

Our company is certified by VANDERBILT INDUSTRIES to implement the right equipment and software to satisfy your requirements.

Access Control Equipment Arizona


Small projects, Access Control for 1 - 8 doors.

Vanderbilt Access Control Products in Florida


Medium - Large projects. Access Control for 1 - 32 doors.

Access Products - Security in Houston


Enterprise solution for corporate sites with multi and remote sites. Unlimited doors and unlimited cardholders.

door access control systems for schools in Texas


Wired & Wirless electronic locks. Manual, Proximity & Bluethoot access.

Access Control Systems

We are a CERTIFIED distributor of VANDERBILT INDUSTRIES for Access Control Systems; expert Security Systems Integrators in California, specialized in design, installation*, and maintenance of Card Access Systems, Video Surveillance, and Parking Access with barrier gates and revenue control software for small garages. For existing installations*, we have a full line of accessories to replace damaged boards, readers, and additional proximity credentials. Besides of VANDERBILT, we represent SCHLAGE products and we are specialized in electronic locks and biometric readers 100% compatible with VANDERBILT controllers.


















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Our Access Control Equipments Lite Blue and Bright Blue have 4 key features:

1.-WEB based system, NO software or dedicated PC server is required for database or reports.

2.-Remote system administration by internet.

3.-Low cost components. Compatible with 3rd party accessories and proximity cards.

4.-100% compatible with wireless electronic locks from SCHLAGE

We meet
a wide range of security solutions

Offering the best level
of excellence and quality

Certified dealer in USA

We are a CERTIFIED distribution company offering Access Control and Security Solutions to a wide variety of commercial customers, businesses and corporations. We represent VANDERBILT INDUSTRIES and we are certified for Lite-Blue, Bright Blue and SMS solutions. As a certified company we are authorized to sell, recommend and install* Vanderbilt Access Control Equipment to our clients in USA and Latin America.

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