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Schlage AD Series Locks

Card Access Systems and locks in Miami Florida


100% compatible with Vanderbilt Controllers and proximity / smart credentials.

Access Control Equipment and wireless locks in Las Vegas Nevada

AD-400 Locks

Wireless communication with Vanderbilt Controllers.

Access Control Systems and Locks in San Antonio Texas

AD-300 Locks

Wired communication with Vanderbilt Controllers.

Security Access Control Systems in Miami Florida


Eliminate the need for trenching in gate control applications by providing a wireless solution to reduce installation* time and cost..

Access Products - Security and locks in Portland Oregon

Electronic Locks

From durable mechanical locks to comprehensive electronic access control solutions with Vanderbilt Controllers.

Vanderbilt Access Control Product and power supply in Arizona

Power Supply

Designed to deliver a highly filtered and regulated "clean" output to protect downstream devices.

Access Control Equipment and wired solutions in NY

AD-300 Lock

Wired solution from Schlage.

Cloud Based Access Control in Sacramentpo California

AD-400 Lock

Wireless solution from Schlage.

access control systems for small business with wireless locks in Orlando FL

Hybrid solution

Wire and wireless technologies mixed with a Vanderbilt Controller.

Vanderbilt Access Control Products and credentials in Phoenix Arizona

ISO Cards

Proximity card technology with photo identification capability.

Cloud Based Access Control and crdentials in Austin Texas

Clamshell cards

Contactless technology with an ABS shell construction that provides durability in harsh environments.

Card Access Systems in Atlanta Georgia


Original proximity contactless cards type clamshell from schlage.

general features

>Real-time communication with VANDERBILT controller

>Secure encrypted data transmission

>Works with same credential used for other type of accesses (parking, turnstiles, elevators)

>Integrated design combines electrified lock, credential reader, request-to-exit and request-to-enter sensors, door position switch and tamper switch

>Open architecture platform is compatible 100% with VANDERBILT controllers

>AD-401 models are FIPS-201-1 compliant with two factor authentication

>Multi-technology reader compatible with proximity (125 kHz) and Smart (13.56 MHz) card use


AD Series locks were designed to be adaptable, allowing upgrades to be made to new technologies without taking the lock off the door. They are 100% compatible with VANDERBILT controllers for wire and wireless connectivity. They feature built-in credential reader and access control sensors for simplified installation*. The AD-400 enables a wide range of credential options including PIN, proximity (125 kHz) and Smart (13.56 MHz) credentials. AD-400 locks communicate by 900 MHz wireless technology to the PIM400, operating independently of the IT network. For real-time connectivity and lockdown, the PIM400 is wired to the VANDERBILT access control panel either by Wiegand or RS-485. AD-400 wireless locks can work in the same access control system as other wireless devices including Schlage NDE.